Team Building Activities


Voted the “Best Event Provider” for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 KDM Events is renowned for delivering high quality team building activities and events at venues across the UK. 

All our team building activities are created in-house by our event technology and development team. Consequently the ideas below, while many and varied, are a great illustration of what we can do but are by no means all.

To find out more about the following team building activities, click on the listing for a brief summary and fact sheet. To receive a detailed proposal or if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch. We just might not have created it yet, but every activity we produce is brand new the first time we do it!

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Game Your Thrones

Green House

Crystal Mazed - outdoor

Coffee and Cakes

Ninja Workout

Escape the Office

Company Fun Days

Great Baking Challenge

The Hungry Games

Missing Link

Country Sports

Lego Animation

Team building ideas? We have loads!

Team Building Activities

As one of the UK's leading event specialists with almost 30 years experience, we’ve built up a fantastic portfolio of team building activities for every occasion. From light-hearted fun to more focused team and personal development, we have a range of activities and events to meet every need! As we are a supplier to the industry, we also own all of our own equipment and have our own team of experienced Event Managers who will deliver your activity or event. This allows you to maintain more control over the quality, delivery and price of the end product.

If simply for fun then the range of options is endless but in addition we have a range of team building activities which are designed with the following Learning Objectives in mind:

  • Use of Resources
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Develop Time Management skills
  • Team Communication
  • Demonstrate and improve Teamwork
  • See the benefits of Delegation

Indoor Team Building Activities

If you have a tight schedule, holding your team build indoors enables you to have a fast turnaround giving you better use of your available time. With the UK's unpredictable climate and a large number of event venues having little or no outdoor space for activities there are many advantages to holding your activity indoors.

We have developed a range of events designed specifically with this in mind. These will keep the team within your conference and meeting room - and will keep you well away from the elements!

Outdoor Team Building Activities

If you wish to take a fresh air break to re-energise and relax as part of your conference or meeting’ KDM can work with you to choose the right event to achieve your objectives ... and make the most of the sunshine!

If however you would like the option to switch indoors if the weather does not do as you hoped then our optional Wet Weather Contingency will keep you and your team in the warm and dry.

Ice Breakers and Conference Energisers

Ice breakers are a great way to get people talking to each other, put a group at ease and build trust whether at a small meeting or a large seminar. Each ice breaker is designed to complement your conference programme to ensure that it delivers the maximum benefit.

Invigorate your guests, give them the opportunity to benefit from a break in the conference schedule, refocus their concentration and get to know their colleagues in a cooperative environment – with a Conference Energiser. This is simply a short, sharp cooperative activity designed to get your delegates on their feet, energise them and put their concentration back on track.

Booking Your Team Building Activity

Whether it be Indoor, Outdoor, an Energiser or an Icebreaker - for a huge range of options please contact us for the inspiration you need and to see an indication of the many options on offer. You can also browse our most popular events above. 

After a discussion about your objectives, we will produce an individual solution that meets your requirements. If required, our Event Manager will work with you in a post-event feedback session to draw out from the group the learning points and their application within your team.

It is unbelievable how positive the delegates are now - they are like a new team