More About KDM Events Pricing...

Our pricing is in the mid-range of the market, meaning we are not the cheapest (reflected in our quality) but neither are we the most expensive. We keep our offering keen and are able to package events and services together to ensure that you get the most for your budget.

We think it’s always helpful to be able to get an idea of roughly how much things cost when planning. So, to give you a guideline these are the minimum amounts involved in getting a great solution for your event.

Activities and entertainment

Daytime team events start at £825 plus VAT

Evening entertainment and team events start at £725 plus VAT

Venue dressing

Table dressing & prop packages start at £700 plus VAT

Venue finding fees
We make no charge whatsoever to help you find and book your venues. For more details see our Venue Finder page

Event Management fees

For larger and more bespoke events we may need to charge an Event Management fee. These are broken down into half and full days spent in organising the event prior and support onsite at the event. The number of days are calculated and agreed before contracting. Then any subsequent additions to the initial brief are quoted and agreed along the way. Please contact us to discuss fees per day.

Do get in touch with us to request a proposal for your next event.